@kettar0: るーふぁいぎるはーひろむで夢の海きたぜ
Kettaro: Root Five/Guilty Hearts came to Sea of Dreams (1)

@kettar0: 先生とだーそっくはお休み、ぽこちゃんは遅れて向かっています
Kettaro: Sensei and Daasokk are absent, Pokochan is coming late

@kettar0: みんなでおそろのシャツきてはしゃぎまくっている成人集団
Kettaro: We’re a group of adults running around having fun in matching shirts

@komankoman: キングミッキー
koma’n: King Mickey

@komankoman: チューチューチューチューチューチュー
koma’n: squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak

@kettar0: みんな自分の色のシャツきてるの!わたしは緑ー\(^o^)/
Kettaro: Everyone is wearing their own color shirt! I’m greeeeen \(^o^)/

@melomelochin: デイジーだう!
Melochin: Daisy dow [now]!

@jjmiume: この人やばすぎるてぃ
Miume: This person is way crazy guilty

@kettar0: ぽこちゃんの分の黄色いシャツはわたしが自腹で買ったんで早くきてください白目
Kettaro: I bought Pokochan’s yellow shirt with my own money so please hurry up and come (cold eyes)

@komankoman: 満面
koma’n: Whole face

@ryo_chiiiin: くそ楽しいwwww
Ryo☆: So much fun wwww (2)

@michan39: じゃんぷした RT @jjmiume: 夢の海で明日へキラメケジャンプ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
@kettar0: るーはー先生の次回作にご期待ください!! RT
Miume: Glitter to tomorrow jump in Sea of Dreams ☆〜(ゝ。∂) (3)
Michan: We jumped
Kettaro: Please look forward to Root Hearts Sensei’s next work!!

@melomelochin: 楽しい!
Melochin: It’s fun! (4)

@ryo_chiiiin: ドゥナルドゥダァック!!!
Ry☆: Donald Duck!!!

蛇足ぽこたみーちゃんけったろkoma’n【√5】「Love Hunter」実写MV {YouTube/NND}


jfc. i can’t deal with you people— wwwwwwww

Kettaro: cough * Shounen-ai manga between Dasoku & Ren

Nero: Somehow, I think there’s somthing going on between the two in real life. www

Kettaro: Exactly

Pokota: i agree with Nero san, I have some weird Fantasies about them.

Ren: Like what? ww

Pokota: Eh, Like Yaoi relationships //

96neko: Yaoi~ <3

Kettaro: * coughing *

Maruru: Pfft. You guys are weird (○´∀`○)

Kettaro: Yes , yes we are (○ ∀○)

clock08: @kettar0: 涙が… RT @marasy8:...


@kettar0: 涙が… RT @marasy8: 学校でチョコもらったのって小学校のときクラス全員に配ってたチロルチョコか中学のとき期待してもアレだから俺らで交換しようぜって男友達とチョコ交換会したくらいしか記憶にない
Marasy: I don’t have any memories of receiving chocolate in school except for the Tirol Chocolate given to the whole class in elementary school, and even if we had expectations, saying “since it’s that, let’s do an exchange” and doing a chocolate exchange with male friends in middle school.
Kettaro: Tears…

@marasy8: 俺の時代がきたな…!!! RT @kettar0 おれからもらって嬉しいのであれば買ってってやるけどw RT @marasy8: @kettar0 おいチョコくれ
Marasy @Kettaro: Hey, give me chocolate
Kettaro: If you’d be happy about receiving it from me, I’ll buy some w
Marasy: My time has come…!!!

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YAY!!! Root Five avex website revealed their new album’s jackets!!!

Sorry if there’re mistakes… Check it here for more information~


@kettar0: やべえまもなく23歳

Kettaro: In a short time I will be 23 years old cool

@kony_niconico: @kettar0 おめでとうございまああああああああああああああす

Kony: Happy biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirthday

@kettar0: @kony_niconico やせろ!

Kettaro: Go and lose weight!

@kony_niconico: @kettar0 ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

Kony: ☆〜(ゝ。∂)


Happy Birthday Kettaro!

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♥ Happy Birthday Kettaro ~2013-01-09~

Happy Birthday Kettan!! 01/09


They really look like real brothers :3 It’s from their BayFM radio appearance…

(and it’s Ketsu’s special-slimming-effect-coat XD)


From Ketsu’s namahousou.


kettar0: トイレで鏡見ながらキャンディーなめてるお兄さんがいて、うわーちゃらいなーまふまふさんみたいやーって思ったらほんとにまふまふさんだった
Kettaro: There was a young man licking a candy while looking in the mirror in the bathroom, and when I thought, “Uwaaa, how flashy, he looks like Mafumafu-san,” it really was Mafumafu-san.


i decided to post some kettan pics~ the last one was recent


I recieved the post cards for this winter! Now to sign them..!! You can receive one with each purchase of a single CD!! They are limited, so check them out

(sorry if i translated anything wrong its 5am i was watching a nama)

Oh and also you can buy kettans underwear ._. but is bought seperately wwww



Koma’n raping Kettaro?