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もかちゃんとファル from @dasoku_niconico
Moka-chan & Fall so cute I might die ラブラブ♥

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Mokachan from Dasoku’s namahousou today

clock08: みーちゃん浮気性


“@kettar0: モカああああああああああ
kettaro: mokaaaaaa

“@kettar0: だっこしてるのはみーちゃん”
kettaro: the one holding her is michan

“@michan39: ななちゃん許して! ”
michan: nanachan, forgive me!

“@kettar0: ななちゃん嫉妬フラグやな!”
kettaro: this means nanachan will be jealous!

“@kettar0: みーちゃん浮気性 RT @michan39: ななちゃん許して! ”
kettaro: michan’s a cheater

“@kettar0: そのアイコンが泣いている RT @michan39: 浮気・・・((((;゚Д゚)))))))ちがうんだー!”
michan: cheating… ((((;゚Д゚))))))) that’s not how it is!
kettaro: that icon is crying

“@michan39: ななちゃん!!!、うおぁぁぁ”
michan: nanachan!!!, woaaaaah

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i can’t… this is too cute… //////////////

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Pokota with Moka(:
From Dasoku’s twitter


Dasoku with Moka >\

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“Moka nau!” - that.

that visited Dasoku…?

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We all know how Dasopapa loves his baby Moka. So he made her pic his Twitter DP.

Look at that look on Moka’s fais….just look at that.


@dasoku_niconico: 説得力っ

Dasoku: Persuasive power—

@dasoku_niconico: かわゆすっ

Dasoku: So cute—



@kogeinu: 【知人の猫の俺のイメージ】モカちゃん:高貴な女王様 ななちゃん:深窓の令嬢 96猫:96猫

Kogeinu: [My Image of My Cat Acquaintances]  Moka-chan: Royal Queen  Nana-chan: Lady of the Window  96neko: 96neko


One does not simply get jelly with Mokachan 

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