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Ryouran: That is how Dasoku-san is. Now about his appearance. Dasoku-san is biracial and handsome. And you’re half American and half Japanese, is that all right?

Dasoku: Yes, yes.

Ryouran: Ohohoho! And so, of course… your English is strong, too?

Dasoku: Yes.

Ryouran: Yes! Yeah, oh, yeah! Here it is!

Dasoku: You are welcome.

Ryouran: Huh?

Dasoku: Pardon?

Ryouran: (laugh) It’s only English that you learn around middle school.

Dasoku: Huh?

Ryouran: What is your favorite English word?

Dasoku: Of course.

Ryouran: “Of co-” (laugh) This is hopeless. If we delve too deep into conversation, someone will notice. Let’s stop.

Dasoku: Hey.

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Full interview here



Dasoku on Nicoraji Wednesday 2.27.13

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蛇足ぽこたみーちゃんけったろkoma’n【√5】「Love Hunter」実写MV {YouTube/NND}

簡素な夢: ルートそらる


@soraruru: じゃあ一週間だけ・・・ RT @dasoku_niconico: !! 交代するかい! RT @soraruru: ルートそらる

Soraru: Root Soraru

Dasoku: !! Are you replacing me!?

Soraru: Then— How about for just one week …

@soraruru: ルートファイブ結成のときに誘ってもらったんだけど顔出しできないって理由で断ったんだよねっていう嘘

Soraru: I was invited to join Root Five, but I refused because I said I couldn’t show my face; that’s a lie

@soraruru: ホントは入りたいって言ったけど顔が悪いっていう理由で断られましたっていう嘘

Soraru: I said that I wanted to join, but I was rejected because my face isn’t good; that’s also a lie

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@dasoku_niconico: 盛られたよ。

Dasoku: It piled up. (Top Picture)

@dasoku_niconico: 間違えた。

Dasoku: Mistake. (Bottom Left Picture)

@dasoku_niconico: 終わらないよよー

Dasoku: Not done (Bottom Right Picture)

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YAY!!! Root Five avex website revealed their new album’s jackets!!!

Sorry if there’re mistakes… Check it here for more information~


Today is so erotic ( ´∀`) 

And, Dasoku, I think he can sleep whenever and wherever, it’s genius!

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@michan39 みんなーたすけてくんろ〜ΘωΘ、 RT “@dasoku_niconico: 蛇足とみーちゃん 捕まりました。”

DSK: “Dasoku and Michan are arrested”. Michan: “everyone, help!ΘωΘ


蛇足 / Never Ending


蛇足 / Never Ending

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