I love that the Root Five twitter started doing this wwww Saying what all the members of Root Five are doing every day.

@root5_official: 【本日の√5: 10月5日(金)】蛇足→少女時代と会いたかった ぽこた→やっぱりロリコンなのかしら・・・。 みーちゃん→やっぱり服を買う&動画アップ! けったろ→なんか11月に画策中 koma’n→ライブ前日のため禁酒

Root5 Official: [Today’s √5: 10/05 (Friday)] Dasoku → He wanted to meet Shoujo Jidai (Girl’s Generation), Pokota → He really is a lolicon after all …. Mi-chan → As expected, he bought clothes & uploaded a video!, Kettaro → In the middle of some kind of place in November, koma’n → Abstaining from alcohol because it’s the day before a live

clock08: Let'sあんちえいじんぐ。


@dasoku_niconico: 両津と一緒か! RT @cantatore_2525: @dasoku_niconico 殿の同い年のキャラがちょっとびっくりしました\(^o^)/←
cantatore_2525: i was a little surprised at the characters who are the same age as you, tono! \(^o^)/ (if you don’t look at the pics, she’s going by 35.)
dasoku: i’m the same as Ryoutsu?!

@dasoku_niconico: しまった、僕は永遠の33歳でうす。
dasoku: oops, i’m eternally 33 years old.

@dasoku_niconico: あ、思い出した俺28歳だわ。 今から。
dasoku: ah, i just remembered, i’m 28 years old. from now on.

@dasoku_niconico: Let’sあんちえいじんぐ。
dasoku: Let’s anti-aging.


Picture taken by【蓮】

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@dasoku_niconico: 50マイル RT @GeroLxxv: @dasoku_niconico 蛇足さん身長何センチなんですか?
Gero_Lxxv: dasoku-san, how many centimeters tall are you?
dasoku: 50 miles

@dasoku_niconico: 僕の身長は50マイルだから、みんなに見えている僕という存在は氷山の一角にすぎないのだよ。
dasoku: my height is 50 miles, so the part of me everyone can see is only the tip of the iceberg.


@dasoku_niconico: チルドレンレコード、音域の関係で一生完成しない事が判明したので1番だけ。
dasoku: children record, just the number one of things that prove i’ll never in my life be complete in things having to do with my singing range.

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I-If someone can translate this, I’ll love you forever. I can read names but I don’t know if they were interviewed or what… Sorry OTL


[That Heart]

—Something you want to ask the members

I only have interest in myself!

- Dasoku

[That Heart]

—Something you want to ask the members

Dasoku: No

Mi-chan: thing

Kettaro: in

Koma’n: particular

- Mi-chan

(from SongMate Vol.3)


Dasoku had a short nama yesterday

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Dasoku's first album 「蛇足」


Release date:2012/10/31(i think it’s not 100% sure)
Album name:蛇足
Price:2,000 yen
14 tracks+one hidden track


  • Eh? Aah, sou. (arrange.ver) composer/lyrics:papiyon arrangement:rerulili bass:otsupon guitar:Gibson
  • Heartbeat#0822 composer/lyrics・arrangement:papiyon
  • Badbye(arrange.ver) composer/lyrics・arrangement:koma’n
  • Kagerou Days composer/lyrics・arrangement:Jin(Shizen no TekiP)
  • Headphone Actor composer/lyrics・arrangement:Jin(Shizen no TekiP)
  • Ama no Jaku composer/lyrics・arrangement:164
  • Senbonzakura composer/lyrics・arrangement:Kuro Usa guitar:[TEST]
  • Cantarella composer/lyrics・arrangement:Kuro Usa
  • Risky Game composer/lyrics・arrangement:Kuro Usa     
  • Karakuri Pierrot composer/lyrics・arrangement:40mP
  • Yubikiri composer/lyrics・arrangement:scop
  • Domino Effect composer/lyrics・arrangement:scop
  • Top Secret composer/lyrics・arrangement:scop
  • Nem original(the title hasn’t been decided yet) composer/lyrics・arrangement:Nem
  • +hidden track


Animate tokuten includes “clear file x2” but i don’t really know….what….that should mean……basically a photo collection of Moka-chan, i guess.

Three tokuten includes a calendar (Dasoku&Moka or/and extra Moka???)

so yeah, the main character is obviously Moka-chan.


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Kansho Reflection / Sentimental Reflection - Dasoku & Tightson -English subs-

“just wanna make your body wet, do me baby” <=lol!!very addicted song, but I’m glad no one around me knows Japanese to understand me when I’m singing along, ha~

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九龍レトロ 歌ってみた【蛇足】

(Kowloon Retro by Dasoku)

This is a cover of the GUMI original by Tohma 

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【√5】Love Doctor【うたスキ動画】